That Demned Elusive Pimpernel

Elenchus | 25 | Perpetual Student

My current main fandoms are Les Miserables, the Realm of the Elderlings books, and classics (i.e. ancient Greek and Roman things). Other fandoms making a frequent appearance are Marvel Comics, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, and The Eagle (of the Ninth)

More things which might show up on here, in no particular order: Sherlock Holmes of all incarnations, terrible philosophy jokes, terrible history jokes, gay ancient Romans, gay ancient Greeks, terrible philosophy jokes about gay ancient Greeks (hi Socrates), crochet related babble, knitting related babble, My Little Pony, LGBT social justice things, discussions of asexuality, griping about life as a grad student and all my many papers, classics translation woes, ridiculous shoujo anime, painfully obscure manga, semicolons, Victorians, socks.

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Lack of creative skills + lack of time = I’ll mostly just be rebloging things, but feel free to say hi or follow me if you find something about this journal compelling anyways (or if you just want to talk philosophy or ancient history. I’m always up for that.)
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